APEX 2019: February 20-21 in Monterey CA

The Alumni Professional Exchange (APEX) Continuing Education Workshop provides alumni the opportunity to learn about and reflect on critical homeland security issues from different perspectives while visiting with classmates, expanding networks with professionals from other cohorts, and catching up with instructors.

2019 APEX topics included:

  • FEMA Update
  • China and North Korean Influence on Global Security
  • Current Trends in Biometrics for Homeland Security
  • Domestic Terrorist Threats – Hate Groups 2.0
  • New Wicked Issues and Security Challenges for Homeland Security Leaders
  • Emerging Nano-Technology- How it can be Used for Good and Evil
  • Immigration- Current Issues


Registration is open to alumni of CHDS’ Master’s, ELP, FCLP, Pacific ELP, or REP programs.
[Registration for APEX 2020 is currently closed. Check back in September.]


Heather Issvoran
Director, Strategic Communications
Contract Support for CHDS
831-402-4672   |   hissvora@nps.edu