Apply to the PELP

PELP applications are now being accepted.

  • Application Deadline: December 1, 2023

Note before starting an application.
All DHS components require their employees to apply through their training and education department before submitting an official application on the CHDS website. If you are a DHS employee, see the list of the points of contact for each component.

About AI Usage in CHDS Applications
The NPS Academic Honor Code holds that “unless otherwise stated by the instructor or advisor, all work submitted in fulfillment of graduation requirements will be the student’s own.” In keeping with this policy, it is not acceptable to submit as one’s own work any text, code, image, or multimedia output by generative AI tools. If any text, code, image, or multimedia output from generative AI tools is included in one’s work, it must be marked and attributed. No acknowledgement is needed for uses of generative Al to support (but not produce) one’s final product, much as one might use search engines, library databases, grammar checkers, online dictionaries and thesauruses, or task planners.

Overview of the Application

  1. Current contact information
  2. Your jurisdiction/organization/agency and your position in it
  3. Your resume
  4. Briefly describe your position and the homeland security, public safety, and emergency management aspects of your position (<2000 characters).
  5. Describe two or three of your most recent significant homeland security, emergency management, public safety or collaborative projects or activities. Briefly describe why those are ​significant and how they contribute to resilience, capacity building, or collaborative efforts in the Pacific (<2000 characters).
  6. If you are not the most senior person in your organization, you will be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from that person or a senior individual in your chain of command. The letter should include a recommendation from that individual, support of your application to the program by your organization, and permission to participate if selected.

INQUIRIES: Dawn Wilson, EEP Director |

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