Executive Education Seminars (MET)

The Executive Education Seminar program conducted by the Mobile Education Team (MET) is an intensive half-day seminar on Homeland Security designed to help strengthen U.S. capability to prevent, deter, and respond to domestic terrorist attacks, and to build the intergovernmental, interagency, and civil-military cooperation that Homeland Security requires. The seminars are conducted by Mobile Education Teams (MET) comprised of nationally recognized experts in various areas related to Homeland Security. The Executive Education Seminar focuses exclusively on enhancing the capacity of top government officials to successfully address new Homeland Security challenges. For states, the target audience is the Governor and his/her Homeland Security team, which is expected to consist of the Governor’s senior staff and the heads of each department and agency that has a role in Homeland Security. The Executive Education Seminar is also available for major urban area senior Homeland Security leaders.

The Executive Education Seminar concentrates on the problems that Homeland Security poses for state and local level strategic planning, policy development, and organizational design. Topics are discussed in an interactive roundtable format and include:

  • Federal/State/Local Responsibilities and Coordination
  • Prevention
  • Intelligence Collection, Assessment, and Dissemination and Information Sharing
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Public Communications and Fear Management
  • Response Operations

The Executive Education Seminar program complements the diverse operational training and exercise programs that currently exist for lower level officials and staff.

Seminars Held Nationwide

To date, over 300 Executive Education Seminars (MET) have been held across the country.


Stan McKinney
Director, Executive Education

Susan Jones-Hard
Managing Director, Executive Education