Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx)

Lead and thrive in an environment that is unknown, complex, chaotic, and evolving exponentially

Technology, the natural environments of the earth, and the human experience are evolving at exponential rates. They are also intersecting with each other producing changes in the homeland security environment that rapidly outpace how we view and apply traditional leadership, strategy, policy and practice development.

Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx) is an 18-month collaborative program from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. It is designed to build our knowledge and create new paradigms for the future security challenges facing the nation and our global community. This program is not intended to forecast or predict one or more futures for which its participants will learn to operate in; they will be taught, discover and create skills and abilities to lead and thrive in an environment that is unknown, complex, chaotic, and evolving exponentially.

Study Emerging Trends

Study trends and factors of population, demography, and societies, as well emergent and disruptive technologies and the impacts of ecological and environmental factors that influence homeland security.

Develop Future-oriented Thinking

Examine and develop conceptual models and frameworks to better understand the complex, chaotic, and interconnected nature of today’s homeland security trends and opportunities.

Lead Change

Create and develop innovative learning and educational approaches that prepare leaders to thrive in future environments.

Implement Innovation

Learn how to ideate, develop and launch innovations for the larger community of national and global stakeholders.

Program Objectives

  1. Support the acceleration of participants to be extraordinary change leaders in a vast, highly complex, ambiguous, interconnected, and constantly evolving field of homeland defense and security.
  2. Advance the homeland defense and security body of knowledge to identify and address current and emerging complex problems through the creation of new frameworks, strategic foresight and cognitive abilities.
  3. Test and apply newly created skills through the development of entrepreneurial initiatives that work to advance the homeland defense and security community in large and significant ways.

Tackle a Grand Challenge

Participants will select and research a complex problem or opportunity that has the potential to affect significant aspects and portions of the safety and security environment. These “grand challenges” may take various forms – entrepreneurial endeavors, supporting organizations in overcoming internal challenges, or writing and advocating for policy change.  Participants will leverage existing resources and build a network of global stakeholders and advisors to spur the collaboration and cooperation needed to surmount the global security challenges of the 21st century.

Photo courtesy of Ian Morrison

Collaborate and Construct as a Team

HSx is a co-curated learning experience between the faculty and the participants. The program seeks to fulfill the goals, needs, and direction of each participant.
Participants will further hone their ability to be change agents through challenging reflective practices, intense feedback exercises, and evolving leadership frameworks.
Mentors, identified by participants, will work with individual teams to support the development and implementation of projects, in-person and remotely.
Participants will identify additional internal and external individuals to be part of a community of practice to support their team project, including thought leaders and stakeholders from appropriate disciplines.

Next program dates have not been set. Applications are currently closed.

These videos are meant to capture some of the initial sense and context of what HSx could be. If you have additional visuals and videos to add to your visions and hopes for HSx, please provide here!

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