Executive Education Program

Executive education opportunities to inform the strategies and policies needed to successfully address emerging homeland security challenges.


The Executive Education Program (EEP) provides a wide-range of tailored homeland security educational opportunities designed to help strengthen U.S. capability to prevent, deter, prepare for, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and public safety threats and to build the intergovernmental, interagency, and civil-military cooperation that homeland security requires.

The academic program offerings are conducted around the country by CHDS mobile education teams comprised of nationally recognized experts from a variety of fields related to homeland security. The CHDS teams work with requesting government agencies and associations to customize educational content and structure to meet participant needs and objectives. The curriculum may cover a wide range of homeland security issues important to leaders and decision-makers or be designed to explore a single challenge in-depth. Sessions are flexible and may range from a couple of hours to several days in duration and can be delivered in the form of a seminar, symposium, workshop, presentation or short course at local venues.

Since 2003, CHDS has offered sessions that focus exclusively on enhancing the capacity of top government officials to successfully address new homeland security challenges. For states, the target audience is the governor and his/her homeland security team, which typically consists of the governor’s senior staff and the heads of each department and agency with a role in homeland security. The sessions are also available for mayors and major urban area senior homeland security leaders. Topics are discussed in an interactive roundtable format and may include: federal/state/local responsibilities and coordination, prevention, intelligence collection and information sharing, critical infrastructure protection, public communication and fear management, and response operations.

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