For Master's alum Ryan Smith, human excreta is a homeland security issue. Smith has made sustainable and resilient treatment systems central to both his academic and professional work.


When it comes to the southwestern U.S. border and the years-long migrant surge, Dr. John Martel has pretty much seen it all. The CHDS ELP alum has worked in the thick of the influx that has seen millions of migrants cross the border over the past few years, serving since 2022 as the U.S. Border Patrol’s Physician Medical Officer.


Fire service professionals have been well represented in CHDS educational programs for decades, coming to NPS in Monterey, CA, from fire agencies ranging from the massive FDNY to smaller, local fire departments while contributing their unique perspective to the pursuit of homeland security learning and improvement.


After completing her Master’s Degree in Homeland Security from American Military University, Jiaru Meng joined the CHDS Emergence Program, ultimately implementing her successful Change Initiative at LAX's Customs and Border Protection with the full support and collaboration of her management team and peers.

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9 months, in-residence 4 times
6 months, in-residence 2 times
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18 months, M.A. in security studies, in-residence 7 times

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