Oakland Fire Department’s Patrick Stueve experienced two incidents earlier this year that underscored to him the need for a strategy that overcomes the loss of communications among firefighters during an emergency response.


Two Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department representatives are using their Center for Homeland Defense and Security Emergence change initiatives to upgrade their department’s internal communications network. 


Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tara Crescenzi is determined to help improve her fellow officers’ access to mental health support, and she is turning to some trusted friends to help. Wanting to capitalize on people’s positive interaction with animals, Crescenzi made implementing the FHP's first Therapy Dog Program her Emergence change initiative.


Dr. James VanderMeer spent Jan. 6, 2021, facing down attackers on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. It piqued an interest in the behavioral scientist about how those attackers, including some current and former police officers, could end up so radicalized that they would assault the nation’s bastion of democracy.

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