Major Dillon Mathies is ready to recruit more members: not just as a Recruiting Company Commander for the Louisiana National Guard (LANG), but also for the CHDS Emergence Program. He hopes that by sharing his experience and implementing his Change Initiative, more members of his organization will become interested in the program.


Seven years after Center for Homeland Defense and Security alum D. Jeremy DeMar published his groundbreaking thesis on the impact of Incident Related Imagery on emergency communications, his research remains relevant and is starting to gain national traction.


Whether attending CHDS while pursuing her doctorate at St. John's University, working as a Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency program manager, or serving as a North Shore University Hospital Senior Emergency Management Specialist, Dr. Rosemary McDonnell has kept her eye on her goals.


Since Fort Lauderdale Assistant Fire Rescue Chief Tim Heiser graduated from the CHDS Master’s Program, he’s been trying to disseminate the core message and recommendations of his thesis on the background, dangers, and recommendations for battling fentanyl, a powerful and deadly synthetic opioid, which mimics morphine in the body.

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Why do over 2,000 Agencies and Companies send their leaders to CHDS?

Why do professionals apply to CHDS programs?

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9 months, in-residence 4 times
6 months, in-residence 2 times
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18 months, M.A. in security studies, in-residence 7 times

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