It all started about a decade ago, flying uncrewed aerial vehicles or drones while conducting aerial photography in far-flung exotic locales such as Iceland for Idaho State professor Angi English, a CHDS alum and subject matter expert. Now, English is one of the leading voices in drone usage and technology.  


North Carolina National Guard Adjutant General Todd Hunt, a graduate of the CHDS Executive Leaders Program, is helping drive a unique cybersecurity initiative that combines federal, state, and local partners.


A multi-billion dollar federal program aimed at expanding broadband internet access for Native American tribes in the U.S. is being led by Center for Homeland Defense and Security alumna Margaret Gutierrez.  


Driven by a passion for enhancing community resilience and safeguarding the lives of residents, Coconino County Emergency Management’s Kelsey Nielsen aimed to take on a change initiative that addressed critical gaps in her county’s preparedness and response capabilities.

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