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Essay Competition

The Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security Essay Competition strives to stimulate original thought on issues in Homeland Security and Homeland Defense.

According to the National Security Strategy, homeland security is an integral part of national security. Homeland security traces its roots to traditional and historic functions of government and society, such as civil defense, emergency response, law enforcement, customs, border patrol, and immigration. In the aftermath of 9/11 and the foundation of the Department of Homeland Security, these functions took on new organization and urgency. Homeland security strives to adapt these traditional functions to confront terrorism and disasters along with new threats and evolving hazards -- such as proliferation, cyber, transnational crime, violent extremism, stability and security of the space environment, economics, education, climate changes, energy, water and food security, and health threats. Homeland security is not simply about government action alone. It is about the collective strength of the entire country working to create and sustain a homeland that is safe and secure, and in which American interests, aspirations, and way of life can thrive.

The essay contest is taking a break in 2014. Check for the announcement next year!

Seventh Annual Essay Competition

"Peter Drucker emphasized the importance of continually challenging one's assumptions. He said "Make yourself capable of doing this by building organized abandonment into your system. By asking yourself every few years, If we weren't doing what we now do, would we want to start doing it? And if the answer is 'probably not,' then maybe it isn't the right thing to do anymore." How would you apply Drucker's guidance to homeland security?"

Sixth Annual Essay Competition

"What is a dangerous idea you have about homeland security, and why is it dangerous?"

Fifth Annual Essay Competition

"Identify a theory or insight from a field outside homeland security that has not been applied to homeland security but should be."

Fourth Annual Essay Competition

"Claude Debussy said "Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art." How might this idea be applied to how we approach homeland defense and security?"

Third Annual Essay Competition

"How can, or should, the United States make homeland security a more layered, networked, and resilient endeavor involving all citizens?"

Second Annual Essay Competition

"What advice concerning Homeland Security would you give the next presidential administration and why?"

First Annual Essay Competition

"What single aspect of Homeland Security has been most successful, and what single aspect will be most critical to Homeland Security success?"