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Heather Issvoran
Director, Strategic Communications
Contract Support for The Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Cell: 831.402.4672
 Trying to capture the essence of the CHDS program in a paragraph is, in my mind, impossible. A month removed from my graduation and I am still trying to process everything and get my hands around the experience. I do not make it a habit of comparing things in my professional life to significant events in my personal life such as marriage and children however this experience sure comes close. CHDS is a family and nearly everyone who has been through the program makes reference to the bond that forms in the cohort when talking about the program. It is so hard to explain to someone who has not been through the program. It is this bond that frees you to be open and honest and tear down the walls that have been built up during an almost 25 year police career. The professors challenged me, however looking back; I realize that the members of my cohort challenged me just as much, if not more. This program is the most incredible academic experience of my life. We were not told “this is what you think” instead we were asked “what do you think”. It is not just rhetoric, the professors learned as much from us and we did from them. Further, we were given the freedom to examine and explore the complex enterprise we now call Homeland Security. The program and members of my cohort gave me the courage to challenge my beliefs. The concepts kept me awake at night. This program is a journey and the journey did not end on March 30th. I still don’t know where an old street cop from NC fits into the Homeland Security Enterprise but I know that I have a role. CHDS will continue to afford me the opportunity to find my spot. The members of my cohort are lifelong friends that I already miss tremendously. The networking opportunities are phenomenal. There used to be an old recruiting slogan for the Peace Corps or the military, I can’t remember which, that stated “it’s the toughest job you’ll ever love”, CHDS is toughest academic program you’ll ever love. This program is life changing both personally and professionally. If you have doubts, call me……

David Linthicum
Police Captain, Raleigh Police Department
Graduated March 2012

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