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Heather Issvoran
Director, Strategic Communications
Contract Support for The Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Cell: 831.402.4672
image CHDS is the benchmark for homeland security education. The caliber of instructors and students that CHDS brings together creates synergies that can’t be replicated elsewhere. The students and instructors are rock stars in their respective fields. Once you put them in an academic environment, the learning that takes place between practitioner and academic is a thing of beauty. The interdisciplinary environment coupled with the world-class faculty provide participants with an unparalleled opportunity to work through homeland security problem sets in an academic environment so that when the next disaster or attack occurs we’ve most likely thought out the scenario and can spend more of our precious time responding instead of figuring out what needs to be done. The biggest benefit to me and my agency is the inter-disciplinary approach that CHDS takes. It would take many, many years of working in our respective disciplines to interact with the full-spectrum of the expertise and agencies represented at the Center. CHDS accelerates this process, effectively increasing understanding of capabilities between disciplines.

Williams Cannon
Major (Intelligence Officer), USAF (USNORTHCOM)
Graduated March 2011

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