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Heather Issvoran
Director, Strategic Communications
Contract Support for The Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Cell: 831.402.4672
image Several things have happened to me since my graduation from the CHDS program. The first is that because of the education I received from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, I was successful in presenting a recommendation to the Philadelphia Police Department that changed the intelligence gathering system in that city. Another noteworthy event that has involved me was due to my thesis research. The CHDS thesis has provided me with the opportunity to become a respected authority in the national debate that has brewed over public domain surveillance. The most valuable part of the CHDS program for me has been the friends and contacts that I cultivated during and after my attendance at NPS. Those very intelligent people continue to be priceless sources of information and guidance that never tire of helping me. I will forever be indebted for the opportunities that have come my way because of my participation in the Master of Arts curriculum.

Thomas Nestel
Chief of Police, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Graduated March 2006

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