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Application to the Master’s Program

The Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security is now accepting applications for cohorts in two locations. The curriculum and structure of the programs are identical.

Program begins Location Application deadline Applicants notified
Spring 2014MontereyDec 1, 2013 [closed]Feb 2014
Summer 2014National Capital RegionDec 1, 2013 [closed]Feb 2014
Fall 2014MontereyMay 1, 2014Aug 2014
Spring 2015MontereyDec 1, 2014Feb 2015
Summer 2015National Capital RegionDec 1, 2014Feb 2015

Monterey Cohorts: In-residence course sessions are held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. The majority of the Monterey cohort participants are state and local officials with a mixture of DHS and other federal agency leaders.

National Capital Region Cohorts: In-residence course sessions are held at Customs and Border Patrol, (CBP) Global Borders College in Harper's Ferry, WV as part of the DHS Homeland Security Academy. The majority of the National Capital Region cohort participants are DHS and other federal agency leaders with a mixture of state and local officials.

All applications completed by the deadline will be considered for cohorts in both locations. You do not need to designate a location or date during the application process.

Note to DHS employees: The following DHS components have an internal nomination process. If you work for one of these components, please contact your POC (listed below) for specific internal application instructions. Otherwise, please continue the CHDS application (button below).


USCG - Civilian Personnel: Darlene Murphy [Darlene.M.Murphy@uscg.mil, 202-475-5520]

USCG - Uniformed Personnel: LCDR Kevin Duffy [Kevin.f.duffy@uscg.mil, 202-372-3001] (Except Cyber)

USCG - Uniformed Personnel: Lucinda Cunningham [Lucinda.Cunningham@uscg.mil, 202-475-3503] (Cyber Only) 

USCIS: Vas Mantzouranis [Vasilike.I.Mantzouranis@uscis.dhs.gov, 202-233-2569]

S&T: Krystle Allen [Krystle.Allen@hq.dhs.gov, 202-254-6326]

TSA: Anita Israel [anita.israel@tsa.dhs.gov, 571-227-3493]

CBP: Monique Dula [monique.dula@cbp.dhs.gov, 202-325-7166]

Office of Policy: Joanna Karwacka Krantz [joanna.karwackakrantz@hq.dhs.gov, 202-282-8993]

ICE: Rebecca Highsmith [Rebecca.Highsmith@ice.dhs.gov, 202-732-1301]

USSS: Kathy Wilson [katherine.wilson@usss.dhs.gov, 240-624-3358]

FEMA: Cheryl Seminara [Cheryl.Seminara@fema.dhs.gov, 202-646-3777]

FLETC: David L. Patrick [David.patrick@fletc.dhs.gov, 912-280-5210]

Office of Chief Procurement: Officer Connie Dutton [Connie.Dutton@hq.dhs.gov, 202-447-5308]

I&A - Primary POC: Nicholas Stark [Nicholas.Stark@hq.dhs.gov, 202-282-8680]

I&A - Alternate POC: Tanya Graham [Tanya.Graham@hq.dhs.gov, 202-447-4591]

OPS: James Bentley [james.bentley@hq.dhs.gov, 202-357-7619]

NPPD - Alternate POC: Stacy Armstead [stacy.armstead@hq.dhs.gov, 703-235-1923]

NPPD - Alternate POC: Alexander Nickodem [alexander.nickodem@hq.dhs.gov, 703-235-2012]

All other HQ: Brian Johnson [brian.johnson@hq.dhs.gov, 202-357-8428] 


Note to U.S. ARMY NORTH applicants: There is an internal nomination process. Please contact Dorothy Cannon, 210-221-1285, for specific internal application instructions.

Application buttonLogin first if you already have a CHDS or HSDL website account and password, or have already begun an application.

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CHDS Helpline
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Heather Issvoran
Director, Strategic Communications
Contract Support for The Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Cell: 831.402.4672
From Senior HS Leaders
image There is not a day that goes by that I do not rely on some experience directly related to my participation in the CHDS program. It may be the need to call a classmate or member of the faculty, information in the digital library, a query that I could post on the school’s website. The program continues to build out a massive web of fire, law enforcement, emergency management, public health and military leaders who share in their respective mission areas a core responsibility for homeland security and defense. The ability for the alumni to continue the research, interaction and debate long after graduation will ultimately serve the public well. I graduated almost three years ago and I feel as much connected to CHDS today 2500 miles from the classroom as I did the day I graduated. Above all else, academic research and rigorous debate must fuel the solutions necessary to ensure security and defense of the homeland.

Christopher Pope
Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, State of New Hampshire
Graduated March 2006

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