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Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL)

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Access is granted to local, tribal, state and federal U.S. government officials; members of the U.S. military; homeland security researchers; and corporate homeland security managers or contractors.


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If you have already been granted access to the HSDL, login to the HSDL website.


The Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) is a program of the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS).

Individual Accounts

We invite all homeland security officials and academics to utilize the HSDL for research, analysis, and policy and strategy development. Full library access is offered to U.S. citizens who are:

  • Federal, state, tribal, and local U.S. government officials
  • Members of the U.S. military
  • Homeland security researchers and academics
  • Security staff protecting organizations vital to U.S. infrastructure

If you already have a website account at the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security but do not have access to the library, use your CHDS account to login now. Otherwise, create a new account by following the links and instructions below. Once you have a registered account and have confirmed your request to participate, you will hear back from us by email within 1-2 business days (or you may qualify for immediate access).

When registering for an account, please use an official email address issued by your agency, organization, or institution. Personal, commercial accounts will not be accepted or will require additional scrutiny and verification. (Examples of official email addresses can be those ending in .gov, .mil, .edu, .org, etc. Email addresses ending in yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com, etc, are not considered official.)

Organization-wide Accounts

We invite U.S. government agencies (federal, military, tribal, state, or local), U.S. military installations, and U.S. academic or research institutions to apply for direct, organization-wide access to the HSDL without a login. Access is limited to the specified IPs or domain of that organization (e.g., a building or a campus). Please contact hsdl@nps.edu for further information regarding this type of access.

Restricted Collection Accounts

Access to the Restricted Collection is limited to U.S. government officials (at the local, state, tribal or federal level) and active members of the U.S. military. Users requesting access must have an individual HSDL account (see above) and be granted an additional level of authorization. To obtain this access, first login to the regular HSDL with an existing account. Upon login with a general account, find the link to request access to the Restricted Collection. Restricted Collection accounts are granted for a period of six months and can be re-requested once expired.


For more information about the HSDL or for help logging in or obtaining an account, please email hsdl@nps.edu.