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Academic Programs

Master’s Degree Program

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's National Preparedness Directorate, FEMA and the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security have partnered to offer the nation’s premier master’s degree in homeland security.

Homeland Security Executive Leaders Program (ELP)

The Homeland Security Executive Leaders Program is designed to help senior local, state, tribal, and federal officials build U.S. capacity to defeat terrorism.

Executive Education Seminars (MET)

Executive Education Seminars, delivered by the Mobile Education Team (MET), are intensive half-day seminars on Homeland Security designed for governors and their senior department leaders as well as mayors of large cities and elected and appointed senior officials in surrounding metropolitan areas. It is designed to help strengthen U.S. capability to prevent, deter, and respond to domestic terrorist attacks, and to build the intergovernmental, interagency, and civil-military cooperation that Homeland Security requires.

Fusion Center Leaders Program (FCLP)

The Fusion Center Leaders Program examines key questions and issues facing fusion center leaders and their role in homeland security, public safety, and the Information Sharing Environment (ISE).

Pacific Executive Leaders Program

This executive program brings together senior officials from the Pacific region to identify and resolve homeland security problems and build networks among the region's local, state, tribal, territorial and federal governments, as well as private sector officials.

University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI)

The University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) is building a national network of homeland security educational programs. The Initiative is sponsored by DHS and exists to support Partnership members in the development and delivery of their academic programs. Partners share their curricula, learning materials and other academic resources with each other to provide a cost effective way to educate thousands of homeland security students at Universities across the nation.

Homeland Security Self-Study Courses

Non-credit, online self-study courses, derived from the NPS CHDS Master's degree curriculum, are available to homeland defense and security professionals who wish to enhance their understanding of key homeland security concepts and who require the flexibility of self-paced instruction.

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From Senior HS Leaders
I was very impressed with the work that has been done [through UAPI]. I am not convinced Homeland Security is a discipline in itself but, nevertheless, the work that’s been done through NPS is remarkable. So whether or not it is a discipline in itself, the curriculum development is important and very well done.

Likewise, I was impressed with a number of the [Partners]. When it comes to what I would term "emergency management and national security", there was a high level of strong experience represented.

Sallie McDonald
DHS Visiting Scholar at GMU, DHS/GMU